We know that some of the words we use are occasionally confusing. We hate to use council-speak or jargon, but sometimes we can't avoid it. To make things easier, here's a list of what some of those terms mean.

co-opted councillors When there's a vacancy between ordinary elections and where no one comes forward for election, the Council must select a someone to fill that vacancy.

co-opted committee members These are non-members of Council who, because of their valuable local knowledge or expertise, are appointed to committees. They do not have voting rights.

elected Councillors are normally elected for a term of four years. Councillors elected at a by-election (i.e. where a vacancy occurs between ordinary elections), hold office until the next ordinary election.

precept This is the main source of funding for Baildon Town Council. The precept is an amount requested by the town council from Bradford District Council which the district council raises each year through a local tax.

ex-officio By virtue of their status, the Chair and the Vice-chair of Council are members with voting rights of all committees.

thematic committees These are committeee which have been set up to carry out the Baildon Plan. The council has three at present.

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