• Baildon Town Council's Chair for 2017-18

    14th June 2017

    At the Annual Council meeting on Monday the 8th of May, Councillor Peter Ashton was elected, unopposed as the new Chair for the Council year 2017 -2018.

    Peter has been a resident of Baildon since 1983 and a member of the Town Council since 2013. Married with two grown up children, he is a retired former teacher who worked in schools across West Yorkshire until 2010.

    Peter has been involved in community life in Baildon throughout his residency, having served as a Governor in four schools and as a Chair of a school for nine years. Currently, outside of the Council, he chairs the Baildon Carnival Association, which organises the annual Town Carnival each July, and he is a regular volunteer at Bracken Hall Countryside Centre

    While volunteering as a Councillor he has chaired the Planning Committee and recently served on the Environment, Planning and Bracken Hall Committees.

    He stated ‘ I wish to thank my Town Council colleagues for their support in electing me to this post. I am excited about leading the Council through the next year. Baildon is a wonderful place to live and whilst there are many challenges for us, as Bradford pares back its services, there is also a feeling of excitement at the possibilities that are emerging.

    During this year, we will want to particularly engage with residents on the future of the Ian Clough Hall, in order to generate and analyse ideas for the protection of the asset and site, but there will also be other matters of issue which will need consultation, such as a possible new Design Brief for Baildon.
    I would ask that residents, who have ideas for improving the Baildon Town Council area, contact their ward councillor, details on the website, or come along to a relevant committee or full council meeting and take part in our public participation session’

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    Increased Threat Level

    25th May 2017

    Overnight, Baildon Town Council have received an update from Insp Julie Deacon, re the raising of the threat level and the impact this has on local resources. From 7am this morning;

    All Police Officers and PCSO’s will be working 12 hour shifts

    There will be additional armed officers, both on foot and in vehicles, at key locations mainly within the City centre.

    Locally within Shipley Ward there will be an increased police presence in Shipley town centre, Bingley and Saltaire.

    There may be times when the Police will be supported by the MOD and the military.

    For the foreseeable future, all Police contact points in the area, including Baildon will be on hold.

    For further updates you can check the news page on West Yorkshire Police’s website

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    Baildon Creative Voices Writing Competition

    10th May 2017

    Baildon Creative Voices Writing competition

    To commemorate the opening of Baildon’s new hybrid library, in June 2017, Baildon Town Council are hosting a creative writing competition.

    Open to all Baildon residents, there are four categories for entry; Key stage 1 – A special day in Baildon, Key stage 2 - A Baildon adventure, teenagers and young adults – Growing up in Baildon and Adults 18 and above – Memories of Baildon.


    All entries should be on A4 paper, clearly labelled with your name and contact details plus the category being entered. Your hard copy should be sent to Karen Jones, c/o Baildon Library, Hallcliffe, Baildon.

    The closing date for entries is the 5th of June 2017

    Winners will be announced at a prize giving event at Baildon Library on the 24th of June at 12.30pm

    For more information click on the link   Click here for Competition rules and flyer  

    or your questions can be answered via email at

    Good luck!

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    New Councillors welcomed to Council 

    9th May 2017

    The Annual Meeting of the Council took place on Monday the 8th of May. New Councillors Mathew Ward and Chris Flecknoe, signed their declarations of office in the presence of Louanna Winch (Town Clerk) and the outgoing Chair, Cllr Gill Dixon, after their election win on the 4th of May.

    Our newly elected Chair for 2017 / 18 is Cllr Peter Ashton, who has served as a Councillor since his election in 2015. His fellow West Ward Councillor Lynne Ware, was elected as Vice Chair.

    Our thanks go to Cllr Gill Dixon for all her hard work during her year in office, especially for the contribution she has made, to ensuring that Baildon library remains not only open, but with additional improvements.

    We will be updating our website over the next week, with details of our Councillors and the Committees they serve and the public meetings you can attend.

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    Election Update

    8th May 2017

    The election results from Thursday the 4th of May are as follows.

    Christine Jillian FLECKNOE 173 votes.

    Karen June REDDY 117 votes.

    David Malcolm ROBERTSHAW 124 votes.

    Mathew Ronald WARD 223 votes.

    Christine Flecknoe and Matthew Ward were duly elected to office and will be sworn in prior to Baildon Town Councils Annual meeting, on Monday the 8th of May at 7.30pm at Baildon Community Link.

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    Election Notice Date

    24th April 2017

    Election of Town Councillors for Baildon (South East) Notice is hereby given that:

    A poll for the election of Town Councillors for Baildon (South East) will be held on Thursday 4 May 2017, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.

    The number of Town Councillors to be elected is two.

    The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates nomination paper are as follows:

    Christine Jillian FLECKNOE16 Plantation Way, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 6JQIndependent  Proposers - Cole John M, Jackson Peter H

    Karen June REDDY 1 Littondale Close, Baildon, BD17 6TF  Proposer - Hewitson Suzanne, Beveridge Moira L

    David Malcolm ROBERTSHAW 42 Hazel Heads, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 6LJ Independent Proposer - Green Richard S, Green Karen L

    Mathew Ronald WARD 36 Central Avenue, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 7NSFrom Baildon, For Baildon Proposer - Colman Denis, Hinchliff Walker Victoria J

    The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:
    Situation of Polling Station, Church of St James, Kirklands Lane, Baildon

    Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote thereat - 1E-1 to 1E-1919

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    Election Candidates Announcement

    5th April 2017

    The Electoral Service Team have advised Baildon Town Council, of the following candidates for the forthcoming election in the South East Ward on the 4th of May.

    1. Christine Jillian FLECKNOE, of 16 Plantation Way, Baildon, BD17 6JQ, Independent.
    2. Karen June REDDY, of 1 Littondale Close, Baildon BD17 6TF.
    3. David Malcolm ROBERTSHAW, of 42 Hazel Heads, Baildon BD17 6LJ, Independent.
    4. Mathew Ronald WARD, of 36 Central Avenue, Baildon BD17 7NS, From Baildon, For Baildon.

    Further details of the polling day, will be available nearer to the time.

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    Notice of Election

    30th March 2017

    Vacancies have arisen for two Councillors in the South East Ward of Baildon. A notice of election has been given by the Electoral Services Unit and is displayed on the Council official notice board at the Community Link on Cliffe Avenue, and as detailed below. 

    1. Forms of nomination for the Town Council Election may be obtained from the Clerk to the Town Council or Electoral Services, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1HY from the Returning Officer, who will, at the request of an elector for any electoral area prepare a nomination paper for signature.

    2. Nomination papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer, Electoral Services, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1HY on any day from the date of this notice but no later than 4pm on Tuesday, 4th April 2017.

    3. If any election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday, 4th May 2017.

    4.Applications, amendments, or cancellations of postal votes and amendments, or cancellations of proxy votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Electoral Services, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1HY by 5pm on Tuesday, 18th April 2017.

    5. New applications to vote by proxy at this election must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Electoral Services, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1HY by 5pm on Tuesday, 25th April 2017.

    6. Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this election on grounds of physical incapacity, or for work/service reasons, must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Electoral Services, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1HY by 5pm on Thursday, 4th May 2017. The physical incapacity must have occurred after 5pm on Tuesday, 25th April 2017. To apply on the grounds of work/service, the person must have become aware that they cannot go to the polling station in person after 5pm on Tuesday, 25th April 2017.

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    National Funding Opportunities

    30th March 2017

    The latest grants and funding bulletin from the Yorkshire Local Councils Association is now available to view. There are numerous types of grants on offer; is your home cold and requires insulation? do you have a sports team which requires funding? or a theatre which requires decoration and repairs?  Grants are available, along with many other funding opportunities, so click on the link and find out if your local Baildon group could receive national financial assistance.  

    Grants and funding March 2017

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    7th March 2017


    that due to the resignation of Cllr B Lerner, a vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Town Council.

    If by 24 March, 2017 (14 days, excluding Dies Non, after the date of this notice) a request for an election to fill the said
    acancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the said Town Council Ward,
    an election will be held to fill the said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.
    If an election is called, it will take place no later than 1 June, 2017.

    Dated 6 March, 2017

    Kersten England
    Returning Officer
    Electoral Services Unit
    City Hall
    West Yorkshire
    BD1 1HY

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    28th February 2017

    Louanna Winch will be joining Baildon Town Council in March as the new Chief Officer (Town Clerk). Louanna previously worked for the Home Office in London for several years and with West Yorkshire Police for the last twenty years. Louanna has held various positions with WYP including Force Information Manager and lately Neighbourhood Police Team Co-ordinator.
    She has worked extensively with Bradford Council Ward Officer teams to improve neighbourhoods and decrease issues of anti-social behaviour, in the Shipley, Bradford East and Bradford South areas.
    Louanna said ‘I am delighted to be appointed as the new Town Clerk for Baildon. I am committed to serve the residents and local Councillors of Baildon, in their future challenges.’
    Louanna is married with two children and two step children, and has been a resident of Wibsey for the last 20 years. She is an active member of the Bradford Cycling Club, a keen walker and is a mentor to teenage children via The Princes Trust Mosaic programme.

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    13th January 2017

    Baildon Town Council urges residents of Baildon to make their views known on the future of Ian Clough Hall.

    It is impossible to consider the future of the Ian Clough Hall without careful consideration of the impact on Baildon library. The Ian Clough sits in the middle of Baildon centre and  comprises the hall and associated rooms on the ground floor, with Baildon library in the same building but on the upper floor. The two services are currently managed by different departments of Bradford Council, with the building itself managed by a third department. 

    Gill Dixon, Chair of BTC commented: "Baildon Town Council is fully alert to this issue and its importance for Baildon. I hope that during 2017 BTC will gather information and identify a range of options for Ian Clough Hall. At that point, BTC would consult residents and invite views on the way forward.

    Bradford Council has signed a Service Level Agreement with Baildon Town Council to jointly provide the library service in Baildon until April 2020. This  includes a clear statement of heads of terms for lease of the current library building until 2020. 

    In addition, Baildon Town Council has already formally registered the hall as an asset of community value. In our view, any discussions about the future of the hall must take place in the context of this legal agreement, which runs until 2020.

    This is a complex issue, with many options to consider. For example, is the large car park considered to be part of Ian Clough Hall? Currently Baildon Town Council does not have the basic information which would underpin any assessment of future options. Hence, BTC has not yet formed a view as to whether it would be better for Baildon to keep the current hall (whoever runs it) or to redevelop the site. 

    We urge residents to engage in the consultation process and give their views about the Ian Clough Hall and its importance for Baildon. There is a consultation event run by Bradford Council on 18th January 2017 at the Ian Clough Hall at 5pm - all are encouraged to attend.

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    10th January 2017

    Click here for more information!

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