As well as the councillors, Baildon Town Council is supported by five members of paid staff. Click on the name in the list directly below to scroll down and view their full profile.

TOWN CLERK Louanna Winch






louanna winch


I previously worked for the Home Office in London and for West Yorkshire Police, with my last role being Neighbourhood Police Team Co-ordinator.

I have worked extensively with Bradford Council Ward Officer teams to improve neighbourhoods and decrease issues of anti-social behaviour in the Shipley, Bradford East and Bradford South areas.

I am delighted to be appointed as the new Town Clerk for Baildon. I am committed to serve the residents and local Councillors of Baildon in their future challenges.

I am married with two children and two step children, and have been a resident of Wibsey for the last 20 years. I am an active member of the Bradford Cycling Club, a keen walker and a mentor to teenage children via The Princes Trust Mosaic programme.

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gary stevenson

GARY STEVENSON Deputy Town Clerk

I am the council's 'Responsible Financial Officer', which sounds scary, but just means I make sure the finances are in order. I am part time and generally work on Thursday and Friday mornings.

I'm a qualified accountant and although I grew up in Baildon, attending Tong Park Primary School, I now live in Eldwick with my wife Jane and children.

I'm an active member of Baildon Golf Club and enjoy walking in both the Dales and the Lake District.

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mark scrimshaw

MARK SCRIMSHAW Environmental Warden

My role is to be out and about looking for any problems or areas for improvement in the local environment. If you spot something which needs action, please tell me!

My main interests are wildlife and the outdoors - I also work for a charity which introduces city children to the countryside. This involves taking groups of primary school children to farms, historic sites and areas rich in nature, opening their eyes to a world many of them have never experienced.

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julie bower

JULIE BOWER Market Manager

I am the Market Manager which means I am responsible for the smooth running of Baildon Farmers Market each month.

I am a longstanding Baildon resident and have 2 grown up children. I enjoy walking my dog in the beautiful countryside around Baildon.

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rachel gallagher

RACHEL GALLAGHER Volunteer Co-ordinator

I joined Baildon Town Council as Library Volunteer Coordinator in February 2017. My role is to recruit and train a team of volunteers who will support our experienced librarians to keep the library part of daily life in Baildon.

When I’m not at work, I live in Bingley with my husband and daughter and I enjoy camping, walking, sewing, drinking coffee (not all at the same time) and going on holiday to far flung parts of the world.

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richard white

RICHARD WHITE Bracken Hall Manager

I am the manager at Bracken Hall and have recently returned to Baildon after many years away, firstly studying in Wales, and then working on an environmental course at a university in South Africa.

I have known the Centre since its first incarnation, when it was run as a private business, and then through its Bradford Council days. I'm getting to know it all over again, and the many people involved in saving it, and operating it today.

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