Photos of and by Mark Scrimshaw and Paul Marfell

I'm Mark Scrimshaw, Baildon's Environmental Warden. My role is to be out and about looking for any problems or areas for improvement in the local environment. Matters are often brought to my attention by local residents either directly or through town councillors. I investigate and liaise with partner organisations to seek solutions. For example, I am regularly in contact with Bradford Council, Friends of Baildon Moor, The Environment Agency and the police, investigating fly tipping, rights of way, water pollution, antisocial behaviour and a multitude of other matters that impact our environment.

Many issues are quite simple, such as reporting faulty street lights or a collapsed wall, but often I am tasked with lengthier investigation and produce reports to the Town Council.

I've always been interested in the environment. I studied Estate Management In Leicester for 3 years, followed by 3 years working in Cambridge Parks Department, then just short of 30 years with West Yorkshire Police as a frontline uniformed officer, where in addition to my standard police work I was appointed West Yorkshire's first Divisional Wildlife Officer.

My main interests are wildlife and the outdoors - I also work for a charity which introduces city children to the countryside. This involves taking groups of primary school children to farms, historic sites and areas rich in nature, opening their eyes to a world many of them have never experienced.

I'm also a keen photographer and many of the photos you'll see on this website were taken by me. In the next few weeks I hope to start blogging and posting photos of the things I see around Baildon. Visit this page again soon to find out more! In the meantime, you can email me to report a problem in Baildon.

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